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  1. Ronnel Echavez


  2. Deez Nuts

    And we will fight with all we have to stop this from happening because it violates nature.

  3. Debasish Ray Chawdhuri

    Spam is so bad for health that even bacteria would not eat it.

  4. Don denis

    Do your homework and buy used from a private party and make sure you can have the vehicle checked out by your mechanic.

  5. massinissa52

    Us worker while he assembling a car, he sing any jazz or blues music You see now where is a deference 🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿

  6. massinissa52

    Its not about tast, but about love. U.S. car has a soul ! 😘🤜🇺🇸🇩🇿

  7. Old School

    Of my forty yrs these communities do not support the stores thief is a number one problem and there is no profits

  8. Cali USA


  9. Ricky Ricardo

    Hahahaha I love trump. Everyone thinks so bad of him because of how the media portrays him in a bad light and that’s the exact reason why Trump despises them and shuts them down. I love it.

  10. Andres Chiriff

    Unfortunately here in America even though we have a very advanced society there is a lot of unreasonable people that refuse to have these type of Healthcare system because even though they're book smart they're very ignorant

  11. keshav kashyap

    Democrats are getting worse

  12. William Ludlow

    Is old 3 finger Biden not taking a salary like Donald Trump.

  13. Donnie Freedom

    I always thought of Biden as low class.

  14. knurri

    zoom ahead to 2020 and Joe can't even make a sentence.

  15. Jay Johnson

    Alright, so this voice actor doesn't know much about food... that pronunciation of brioche was hilarious ❤❤

  16. Sharabesh J

    There is always a competition for tesla...but all those companies need to understand... there is no next microsoft, no next google, no next apple.... Only one company which struggled the way up like them be in the market long term...tesla proved its profitable..and it is doing actual sales, forgot about Nikola?? ... Same thing will come and go...but there is only one tesla. 💪

  17. lotarus wing

    fact that a former starbucks ceo wants to import some cheap muslim labor without having to do paper work, so he will support destroying iraq to syria just to do a migrant crisis on behalf NGOs, then he use race card to defend the influx if bush spared iraq=obama will destroy iraq irvision.info/home/kJ7YfId6qMaLfps/fy-lm-h-y.html we should strip all sanctuary city supporters that blame russia of half their wealth and then give all citizens the same healthcare as senators for real equality, after all mccain to biden wasted trillions destroying iraq to syria

  18. early owls

    Hello ....... ....... ....... ...... Hello We are listening ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... Hello😂

  19. early owls

    Love binamo

  20. The Perfect 2020 Vision

    Its just a freakin SANDWICH! 80% of the fast food junk is all SANDWICHes...who cares?

  21. Joshua Abardo

    summary: phones in india are more of a utility, not a status symbol

  22. Charles Jensen

    The election is rife with voter fraud... anyone who says otherwise is in denial because voter fraud benefits them directly.

  23. indrajeet Chaudhary


  24. Trevon Duncombe

    I would get into the seaweed business but im terrified of it

  25. Free As A Butterfly

    Trump recently said he loves other people's money I believe him on that he loves money his own and other people's he's perfect for dc he fits right in loving money whether it's his or someone else just like all the rest of them in dc so what Trump's done more he's also done alot of shady things as well as good things if you are going to trust someone who has a history of cheating on women as they all do in dc then that's on you I don't trust any of them in dc not trump either not Democrats or republicans they have one thing in common both sides the new world order

  26. Sand Man

    polls is what people tell you what they'll do, not necessarily what they actually do

  27. Final Fantasy

    Someone who has a job and works hard will get rewarded and live in nice areas and someone who wants to be lazy and live off the government and live in section 8 does not deserve to get rewarded with better living areas. You get what you put in. Even the Bible says that if you don't work, you don't eat. If I was an employer, I would choose a humbled dependable hard worker, not some entitled prideful irresponsible sloth. The problem we face in the streets with the rioting is because for decades, thanks to corrupt politicians, liberal teachers in colleges and high schools brainwashed American kids with the socialist mentality. It teaches that American Capitalism is wrong because it pays people according to their efforts (aka The American Dream) and that they should look at America through the lens of oppression, as if everything America has done was wrong. The kids and young adults of today grew up hating their own country as a result, now they riot and destroy in the streets, like a child with a tantrum because they feel they have something to stand for (being "woke"), but instead they are blind. Americans have the best system for freedom, but they never see how bad other countries have it because they don't live there, that's why everyone wants to escape their countries to live here. They see America as a beacon of hope. Socialism is based on the idea that people are inherently good and will give everyone their fair share. For example, there was that bread shop that opened up in America where they didn't charge you, they just assume you'll do the right thing and pay them if you want, well the bread shop had to close down soon after it opened because people kept taking more than donating. So you see that's why socialism never works and it always ends up becoming communism, where the government takes away your freedom, makes everyone get the same salary which kills ambition to try harder, no competition so no variety of products because you never can soar higher than everyone else, and you have to depend solely on government, instead of being able to choose for yourself. The anarchists are destroying this great country because they believe the enemy's lie. The true identity of America hangs in the walls of the capitol building. They are of the first presidents who were pastors, Pocahontas getting baptized, the army playing in the church service, because America began as a Christian nation. It was dedicated to the God of the Bible by George Washington when he kneeled at the small church in New York. America is a golden cup in the Lord's hand, because it has the Bible. Many people came to know God through American missionaries. America freed the Jews from the concentration camps. America defended Israel when Iran called "Death to Israel". America has the greatest olympic champions winning the majority of medals. American made products are built to last. Americans work harder and longer hours. America is not a pushover, it's a fierce eagle. It is a great country, a superpower, because God has deemed it so, God blessed this country to be great.

  28. suspicionofdeceit

    Voting doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court is going to decide it in the end anyway.

  29. Free As A Butterfly

    I believe that. Trump is evil loves money first everything else is second for him money working climbing the ladder adulterous affairs he's been married 3 times he's cheated on every one of them I can't trust him I don't trust the Democrats either you are a liar sir. 6 billion cut from hud that's alot of money cut

  30. Fluffymiyster

    Think I may have once bought a pair of earbuds this year from a Chinese brand that fakes their reviews. The brand is called Utaxo and has thousands of reviews at like a 4.5 rating. Going off of that, I bought them. I admit, I loved all of the features of the earbuds...but the sound was absolute garbage. The speakers are way too tiny to get any decent sound out of them. I saw lots of reviews from unhappy people who then were given a replacement and changed their reviews. I'm pretty certain my issue wasn't due to blown speakers but the only way you could like those things was if you'd never listened to decent audio in your life. My $10 pair of Skullcandy earphones soundsd better than the Utaxo and I paid about $55 for them. Some of their reviews read like they could be fakes with a little broken English, and considering it's a Chinese product and China makes it no secret that they will do anything to get a leg up, I'm definitely suspicious of the reviews for those.

  31. Ariel Molina Jr.

    It was a miracle that this video was recomended

  32. Barbie

    The survivabity rate is 99 percent for those 60 -70, less for those younger. cmon. mortality is what matters!

  33. Park Sook Ho

    Nagutom ako bigla

  34. Barbie


  35. Tod Policandriotes

    From China.

  36. Abhijeet Kundu

    In towns and even in big cities, the number of dealerships are limited and the city or town won't allow new dealers. One dealer can't enter other dealer's territory. If the old dealer sells his business, then a new dealer can come. So actually, they are not salesmen because there is nothing to sell; there is no competition. The dealership is passed from father to son like a family dynasty. This is why car dealers can treat you very bad if they want. Car dealerships are extortionists. It is a crime syndicate.

  37. marilyn mills

    I beg to differ "SIR" you are the biggest fraud we've ever seen!!!

  38. DJPelio

    The biggest problem is the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. It's destroying this country.

  39. Free Citizen

    Wise words. Ignore at your own peril.

  40. Jitendra Manral

    Don't know if this video is still relevant in 2020. With the PS5 and Xbox X launch, I think the playfields are pretty much leveled now.

  41. nbkoitw

    Customers felt robbed trading in games ... because of that many people decided to just keep them

  42. Ready to Sail

    America is the only country where the package is drop in front of the door. That's so stupid. We are not living in the era when people don't lock their doors. In other countries, if the receiver is not home, the package will be left at nearby post office or certain facilities. In Taiwan, almost everyone chooses to get their package delivered to nearby 7-11, the convenient stores located every few blocks all over the country and opened 24/7. 7-11 is the best thing in Taiwan. You can also pay your bills there.

  43. Luckydust

    2 years later, paypal is all in on bitcoin

  44. Project Aliens

    new conspiracy forum beyondconspiracies.com

  45. Adrian Campbell

    JD Power ranked Chevy as the most reliable car brand in the US for how many years now? 😂😂😂 It’s common knowledge that GM cars are pretty unreliable after 3-4 years of use.

  46. Jason J

    Size of the cars and trucks, Japan parking and garages is tight!


    stop using asphalt, hydraulic concrete has better qualities

  48. Shirley Sloan

    haha... speaking fees...

  49. Barbie


  50. Sarrix Logan

    Imagine the president encouraging voter intimidation. Such a corrupt and shameful president.

    1. Barbie

      consider irvision.info/home/mZCfapykqK-XnJM/fy-lm-h-y.html

  51. Girish Mahajan

    It is an amazing video displaying seaweed significance. Yes it has tremendous merits.

  52. Erik Lakeland

    Their sandwich is not my thing. I go with the spicy chicken tenders. They have good bbq and buffalo sauces for the heavy dippers out there.

  53. Gene Au

    Yes. The Polls shows yes.

  54. Swisstar

    "the dodge challenger, ford mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and corvette can all be bought with manuals". *Proceeds to show the only challenger that comes with only an automatic*

  55. Scott Zike

    and this is a story why ?? **chuckling**

  56. Jack Steven

    there are so many inaccuracies in this video. Im genuinely disappointed by CNBC and its seriously making me rethink listening to any of the financial advice they give.

  57. Nicholas Ford

    Reducing sentences that’s the biggest joke I have ever heard there are still people in prison cause of that bill

  58. Bozena B

    Covid19 is like flu. Don't panic. Fight back lies

  59. Conbons

    Elon wins either way. With more competition, the closer we can be to starwars

  60. JOHN David

    Brand new technology that has never been tested on humans before. What other things have gone wrong with new technology in the past?

  61. Jason Farley

    This guy Trump is friends with the brutal killer Putin in Russia (a thug) and people want to vote for this guy???. . . I don't get it.

  62. Debra Dee

    Absolutely not! Likev2016 again

  63. josephting2893

    Is that another DJT jr. ? Facial Expression, Body Language and the way WJR talk look identical.

  64. Sean Tobyne

    Srt 4 neon 250 hp to the front wheels with a 5 spd hold on

  65. G Q

    just as safe as covid 19..

  66. Nog

    If biden wins there will still be protests against police officers, it wont stop

  67. M

    I already finished my ballot but I’m scared dropping it off and getting lost somewhere 🙄

  68. Joey C

    👍🏻 press if you ❤️ 🧀

  69. Thomas Paine

    Other than hatred of Trump and wearing masks, what is the platform of the Democrats? Oh, that would be sky high taxes, open borders, replace our democracy with totalitarianism, packing to Supreme Court, riots, burning cities, poverty for all, regulating everything, no guns, no oil industry, caravans of aliens, packing the Senate, etc….

  70. Bob Bratan

    Joe's dreams - irvision.info/home/i4utn4l3mZqJaZM/fy-lm-h-y.html

  71. King

    It’s crazy how fast things can change cuz now joey bosa gets paid more than curry

  72. Rudy R

    Say what you want but stupidity is at least human. They are right to fear AI.

  73. Cris Z

    If we ever do away with the EC and go with the popular vote, underpopulated states would start defecting from the union and become their own country.

  74. Nathan J

    Nba is garbage. They too woke.

  75. Marco Urquiola

    Democratic Socialism only exists in the minds of Bernie, AOC Kamala and Biden. Democratic Socialism does not exist in China, nor did it exist in the USSR, and even less in today's Russia. Winning Joe, they will regret. The Nordic nations there is a Free Market, there is no democratic socialism in terms of equality. Socialism is the prelude to Communism. The concept of democratic socialism means in practical terms; the distribution of Poverty in society and concentrating the wealth and power of the institutions and the army in the teams of Political Power (Central Government). To take political control it is necessary to abolish the American Constitution, abolish the Republic and implement Democracy (Totalitarianism). The confiscation of the private company will come, the collapse of public health and services in general. Most of the countries that make up Latin America belong to the socialist Left and are always, always in economic, political and social misery, POVERTY. El Socialismo democrático sólo existe en la mente de Bernie, AOC Kamala y Biden. El Socialismo Democrático no existe ni en China, ni existió en la URSS, y menos en la actual Rusia. De Ganar Joe, se lamentarán. Las naciones nórdicas existe el Libre Mercado, no EXISTE socialismo democrático en términos de igualdad. El socialismo es la antesala al Comunismo. El concepto de socialismo democrático significa en términos prácticos; la distribución de la Pobreza en la sociedad y concentrar la riqueza y el poder de las instituciones y del ejercito en los equipos de Poder Político (Gobierno Central). Para la toma del control político es necesario abolir la Constitución Americana, abolir la Republica e implementar la Democracia (Totalitarismo). Vendrá la confiscación de la empresa privada, el colapso de la salud pública y de los servicios en general. En su mayoría, los países que integran Latinoamérica son de Izquierda socialista y siempre, siempre están en miseria económica, política y social, POBREZA.

  76. Rylen Cason

    25:43 USSR flag

  77. Double D Studio


  78. Double D Studio


  79. Double D Studio


  80. David Shaw

    Joe you are a joke! Trump 2020.